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"A Barrister’s Complete Guide To Litigation Funding For Business Leaders And Professionals"

Discover How Specialist Litigation Funding Can Help You Pursue A Valuable Claim... Without Paying Expensive Upfront Legal Fees

High-Stakes litigation can disrupt your business out of the blue. Equip yourself before a legal dispute arises by understanding the powerful potential of litigation funding.

In this comprehensive guide, barrister Neil Johnstone will explain the benefits of specialist non-recourse litigation funding, and will steer you though the nuances of the application process- should you ever need financing for an unexpected legal dispute.

This guide is your essential litigation finance toolkit, tailored for busy executives, professionals, and business owners.


Packed with over 17,000 words of detailed insights on litigation funding, you’ll discover:


What is litigation funding? 

Explore the fundamentals of specialist litigation funding, including:

  • How does non-recourse litigation finance work?

  • Why it fundamentally different from a loan or other types of financing? 

  • When should litigation funding be considered and what are the pros and cons? 

How can it benefit my business? 

Whether you’re facing budget constraints, or simply prefer to share the financial risks of litigation, specialist non-recourse funding can help by:

  • Levelling the playing field- Enabling businesses of all sizes to pursue a meritorious claim, regardless of their financial means.

  • Hedging your litigation risk- By transferring financing from your balance sheet to the funder you mitigate the risk of a loss, while still retaining the significant financial upside of a successful claim.

  • Preserving cash flow and minimising opportunity costs- External legal financing allows you to free up your own capital for core operations and growth, while still enabling you to pursue your legal rights.

  • Providing balance sheet stability- The variable costs of litigation are pre-budgeted and met by the funder, giving you the confidence that your litigation expenses will be covered in full.

Am I eligible for funding and how much does it cost?

We’ll dig into the mechanics of the funding process and pricing, such as:

  • Does litigation funding make financial sense for my business, and what are the potential returns versus the costs?

  • Will I be eligible for financing and what criteria do funders apply before investing in a case? 

  • What pricing structures do the funders apply? 

  • How can I calculate my opportunity costs and whether funding will be more beneficial then self-financing?

  • Case Studies: We'll explore real-world examples of litigation funding, offering practical insights into its application and benefits.

How can I get funding?

Lastly, should you decide litigation funding is right for you or your business, we'll shown you how to navigate the application process, including:

  • Actionable advice on how to secure litigation funding, including tips on presenting your case to funders and what to expect during the process.

  • Learn about the key players in the industry, such as funding consultants, brokers, and litigation insurers; and how to effectively engage with them to enhance your funding prospects.

  • Understand to how obtain the best funding offers, and what elements of the funding agreement are up for negotiation.

Written in relatable way, with busy professionals like you in mind, this guide will prepare you to face any future litigation with confidence, knowing when and how to apply an effective litigation funding strategy.


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