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Frequently Asked Questions

Specialist litigation funding is where a third party funder pays for your legal fees, in exchange for a share of the proceeds of the claim. This allows you to hire a lawyer without any upfront cost. Funding is generally non-recourse, meaning if the claim is unsuccessful, you owe the funder nothing. Litigation funding can be used to finance the whole of your legal fees, and any additional litigation costs such as court fees. The funding can also be used to further strengthen your case by paying for specialists like a forensic accountant, a surveyor, or expert reports.

Check out our free guide, which is packed with over 17,000 words of detailed information on litigation funding, tailored for busy executives, professionals, and business owners. It includes everything we've learned through years of experience in litigation funding; filled with useful tips and knowledge to help you understand how it all works. You'll find the key basics, such as eligibility for funding and price structures; plus more detailed advice on topics such as litigation insurance- all written in an easy-to-understand way. Don't forget to also sign up for our newsletter. It's full of helpful updates and advice about legal funding and how to manage legal risks in your business, written with busy professionals like you in mind.

Funding is available from as little as $30k USD (or local equivalent). Upper limits are effectively unlimited, with the largest funders willing and able to invest 7 or 8 figure sums in the right claim.

Funders look for claims for substantial monetary damages, with a clear legal basis and a high likelihood of success. Although there are no hard and fast rules, funders typically require estimated damages to be between 5 to 10 times the amount of funding sought. Finally, the funders will require that the defendant is well-capitalised and has the funds or assets to satisfy any judgement against them. At Case Capital Consultants we can arrange funding across various regions including the UK, US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. While we mainly focus on commercial claims by businesses or corporations (of any size), we can also consider applications from professionals or individuals with a valid claim. We can arrange funding from as little as $30k USD. Book a free 15-minute discovery call today, and we will guide you through these criteria and your prospects of obtaining funding.

Even entities with ample financial resources can benefit from litigation funding for several reasons. Risk Management: Litigation funding transfers the financial risk of legal disputes from your balance sheet to the funder. Litigation funding provides a safety net, as it typically operates on a non-recourse basis. This means if the litigation is unsuccessful, your business doesn't bear the brunt of the financial loss—the funding provider absorbs it. This protection shields your business from the financial volatility associated with legal disputes, ensuring that a negative outcome doesn't impact your company's financial health or operational stability; while still retaining the substantial financial upside of a successful claim. Cash Flow Preservation and Reduced Opportunity Costs: Litigation funding allows you to maintain liquidity and allocate your capital to core business operations or growth opportunities, rather than locking it up in legal battles. This allows you to pursue revenue-generating activities or strategic investments, while still securing your legal rights. Budget Predictability: With litigation finance in place, your legal costs are fully budgeted for and reserved by the funder, aiding in financial planning and management. In short, funding offers a range of benefits which are increasingly attractive, even to those who could afford to finance their legal fees themselves. To learn more, download our free litigation funding guide.

Applying for litigation funding promptly can be crucial for several reasons. Firstly, most legal claims are subject to strict time limits, after which you can no longer bring a claim. Seeking advice early ensures you don't miss out due to any statutory limitation periods. While applying for funding at any stage of the case is perfectly possible (even for post-judgement enforcement proceedings), early application to funders ensures you get the best possible terms and range of offers. Lastly, the passage of time can affect the quality and preservation of evidence and of witness testimony, meaning early collection and assessment of the evidence can greatly improve the prospects of your claim.

Not at all. Whether you already have legal representation or are still in the process of selecting a law firm, you can apply for litigation funding with us. We are equipped to work with you in either scenario. If you have an existing legal team, we can collaborate closely with them to understand your case and funding needs. If you're still looking for legal representation, we can leverage our network to help you find a law firm that aligns with your case's specific requirements and objectives.

It's helpful to have a brief overview of your legal case or funding needs ready. No need for extensive documentation—just enough so we can understand your situation and provide tailored advice.

Not at all- the discovery call is a short no-obligation, free consultation meant to inform you about your options. It's entirely up to you to decide whether you wish to proceed with our services at a later stage.

We know how important data security and privacy is, especially around legal matters. We adhere to stringent data protection protocols to ensure that all information you share with us remains confidential and secure. All discussions between us are held in the strictest confidence, and we will only every share your information with third parties*, such as our funder partners, with your prior explicit approval, should you choose to proceed with a funding application. *(other where we are required to do so by law.)

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