Providing New Solutions To An Age Old Problem

Case Capital Consultants was founded by Neil Johnstone, barrister, in response to a widespread challenge: businesses and professionals that were either unable or hesitant to pursue deserving cases due to financial constraints.

Claimants with strong cases often faced the dilemma of having to either under-settle or otherwise curtail their claim, due to capital limitations.

Equally importantly, Neil also identified an increasing desire for litigation funding among well-capitalised businesses, who nevertheless recognised the risk and financial management benefits offered by third-party funding.

Case Capital Consultants was designed to addresses both these scenarios by serving as a bridge between clients and specialist funders. We aim to ensure that every client, whether constrained by resources or simply looking to manage their financial outflows, has access to the right legal funding solutions.

Our mission is to find you the financial backing you need; allowing you to focus on your case safe in the knowledge you’re set up for success, both legally and financially.

Meet The Barrister & Founder

Neil Johnstone is a barrister and the founder of Case Capital Consultants. Neil has experience in many forms of English civil law and has appeared at all court levels up to and including the Court of Appeal. Prior to entering civil legal practise, Neil was a commissioned officer and intelligence specialist in the Royal Marines Commandos. In the latter part of his service he was then the first operational Royal Marines Officer to qualify as a barrister for the Royal Navy Legal Service. During his naval legal career Neil prosecuted cases at Court Martial, where he developed excellent advocacy skills, and advised on international maritime law, having studied the subject at the University of Oxford.

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