It's Time To Level The Playing Field

We believe your legal dispute should be determined by what is fair... not by your finances. Specialist litigation finance could help you to...

Hire the best legal team

Get the expert legal support you need without concern over how to finance your legal bills.

Secure a fair settlement

Protect your financial future with the settlement you deserve.

Pay nothing up front

Add certainty to the litigation process by hiring an expert legal team- and only repay when you receive your settlement.

How Litigation Finance Works

Litigation Finance is where a specialist third-party funder advances capital to cover your legal fees and expenses. This innovative approach allows you to hire the legal team of your choice, without bearing the up front cost. Funders typically operate on a non-recourse basis, meaning they only receive a portion of the proceeds if your claim is successful, and only once the litigation is concluded.

For businesses facing financial constraints this funding offers a lifeline, enabling access to high quality legal representation that might otherwise be unaffordable.

Even businesses with ample resources regularly choose third-party funding for its significant financial advantages; from retaining business funds for core operations or investments, to hedging the risk of litigation or facilitating effective balance sheet management. In either scenario, litigation funding empowers you to secure your legal rights based on the merits of your case, not your financial status.

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We Can Arrange Funding In Many Jurisdictions, Including:

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